The Story of She: Through the Looking Glass of Wonder

A writing workshop with Carolyn Campbell and Rhodessa Jones 
Workshop Date: December 10th, 6 – 9pm  
Location TBA

There are only 4 spaces left so rsvp asap!

Are you wanting to write songs, stories, poems, creative non-fiction
or memoir that capture the power of your voice and the essence of your soul’s story?  Are you wanting quiet the censor in your head and explore the mythology within?

Join us for this out-of-the-box writing workshop. You’ll get to the heart and mythology of your story and the power of your voice using visual imagery, powerful prompts and sensory exploration. During this workshop, you’ll go beyond the surface every ‘chatter’ and dive into your heart and soul to explore and expose your own Stories of She. 

This workshop is for writers (of all walks of life) to explore the light, the shadows and the in-between places of life through writing. People who want to find the rhythm and language of their unique voice and write stories that only they can write.

COST: $65 – 100 (self-selected fee)


Carolyn Campbell – multimedia artist, empowerment speaker and leadership coach 
Rhodessa Jones – writer, performer, singer, speaker, teacher and transformer

(If you’ve never worked with Rhodessa you are in for a special treat. We started working together in 1985 in the SF County Jail and continue to dive into the realms of the soul, story, truth and mythology with women around the world)

Here’s to the power of finding yourself upon the page as the ink dries from your soul speaking!


~~~  Writing has been to me like a bath from which I have risen feeling cleaner, healthier, and freer.  Henrik Ibsen ~~~

Self-Selected Fee