My interactive presentations and workshops are interactive and customized to meet your organization (or group’s) specific needed. They go beyond ‘technique’ to focus on powerfully, and authentically connecting with your potential clients and donors in ways that are authentic, compelling and fruitful.

I have presented hundreds of programs to both small and larger-sized groups, on topics such as community engagement, alternative marketing, asking for business, and public speaking. My audiences include entrepreneurial and professional associations, educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, independent business groups and small business owners. My articles have been published internationally, both in print and online.

Here’s a sampling of some of my workshops. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, let’s talk. I can customize programs to fit you and your organizational needs.

Speak with Impact. Connect with Heart.
Give presentations and workshops that get results.
Do you want to boost your comfort, ease and effectiveness in public speaking? Whether you are speaking to a group, writing a newsletter, or using social media, it’s paramount that your messages do three things: inspire, empower and motivate. This interactive, lively seminar helps business professionals become dynamic presenters who command attention and inspire people to take action.

  • Establish rapport with any audience
  • Create a powerful presence
  • Speak with passion and purpose
  • Create dynamic interactive presentations
  • Be able to engage spontaneously while staying on track
  • ‘Translate’ complex concepts into bite-size ‘juicy’ nuggets
  • Apply your speaking skills to multiple media including video, conferencing and Skype

Craft Powerful Stories that Engage and Inspire
The ever-changing media landscape provides a vast array of ways to connect with impact and inspire with heart. Come ready to tap into your most potent stories in order to make an impression that inspires and motivates. Learn simple, effective ways to create powerfully memorable and meaningful stories–regardless of the medium. Develop unique, compelling materials that highlight your expertise and captivate the mind and heart of your audience. Learn:

  • Why stories strengthen your credibility
  • What stories to tell to inspire action
  • How to find the heart of the story
  • What makes a potent, powerful story
  • How to captivate your audience
  • How to use stories in multiple mediums
  • Quick tips and tricks for storytelling

Get More by ‘Selling’ Less
The relational approach to getting all the business you’ll ever want!
Most business owners hate to sell. Why? They’ve learned methods that keep them entrenched in old ways of thinking and acting that are not effective in getting more clients. As a result, they are their own worst enemy when it comes to getting more business. During this interactive, action-focused workshop, we’ll get down to business and give you tools to get more of the business you love—right away.

  • What is relational selling?
  • Discover the real ‘secrets’ of getting more of the business you love
  • Learn how to shift from selling to serving
  • Find out how to get past polite conversation and into the heart of your client’s desire
  • Build a flourishing business by asking for the right business

For more information about my workshops and presentations, let’s talk.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Carolyn’s work with Hands On Greater Portland has been transformational. She challenged us to question assumptions about who we are and what we do and has helped set us off in a clearer and more purposeful direction.

—Andy Nelson, Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest