Skipping Into Fall – The Changing Colors of Business

By Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC

With the change of season and coming back from my ‘sabbatical,’ I feel like a kid with a new outfit for school. Plus, I love fall. The changing colors. The chilly mornings and warm afternoons. The rustling of wind. It is a powerful reminder that things never stay the same and that evolving as businesses is so vital to staying passionate and relevant.

This year has been a potent year for me, with some big personal and professional changes. On the personal front, I’ve learned a ton of lessons about grief, death and letting life find flow again. This, in turn, had me look with a new eye toward my business and what I want to be doing. With that came a few changes that have been exciting and extremely rewarding. I thought I’d share them here.

Changes to who I work with.
In the past I’ve worked with a spectrum of people—some looking for direction in business, others looking for direction in life. Over the last few years, I’ve become so busy working with business owners and leaders who are growing their businesses or strengthening their leadership that I now need to refer other ‘life focused’ clients to more targeted ‘life coaches.’

It’s an exciting time to be a leadership and business coach. It gives me hope for our world and our planet. If more people made a living doing what they loved, our world would be a kinder, more joyous and peaceful place. Plus, with statistics revealing the vast income gap between CEOs and ‘workers,’ I am dedicated to helping small business owners and entrepreneurs thrive. My experiences working with these individuals to create powerful relationships that grow their business exponentially have been so fantastic. Some of them are strengthening their branding and messaging. Others are repositioning their business. All of them are driven, seasoned business owners, progressive leaders and change makers, who are cultivating a larger following for their services or their product. There’s nothing like active vision makers to make me jump with joy.

Why only business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders?
Recently, while being interviewed for a business blog, I was asked, “What’s your favorite part of coaching?” It took me a nanosecond to answer. Without a doubt, my favorite part is when my clients realize that they have found their voice in their branding and marketing. It’s that moment when they realize that getting business is not about ‘pushing a sale,’ but having an honest conversation to get to the heart of what their clients want. They come in and say, “Wow, this is so much easier than selling. Why don’t they teach this?” Well, the standard ‘formula’ is easier to ‘teach’ to large groups of people. Finding your style of connection and going after the gold is a more refined (and more productive) approach because it is customized to the individual and how we each succeed in life. That moment when people say, “Wow, I get it!”…That’s what I live for as a coach.

The integration of personal leadership and business skills.
For coaches, the question, “What exactly do you do?” is indeed a curious one. It varies. For some folks, I work primarily on their messaging on the web, in their newsletters, in presentations. For others, I help them get clearer about their own intentions and desires so they can more effectively build meaningful relationships that foster business growth. And then there’s helping people become better at getting more business by ‘selling’ less. It’s amazing to watch people realize how much more, and better, business comes their way when they honor what they want.

With some folks I work one-on-one. With others, I offer small group classes or large group events. I work both online and in person, but always in real time. My clients really appreciate having live learning opportunities. If you’d like to find out more, I’ve recently updated my offerings. Click here to check them out.

I’m creating a go-to list of referrals. I’d love your help.
I have had a number of folks call me about personal life transition coaching. With my practice limited to helping business owners and leaders, I am now seeking referrals of coaches people have found extremely good, to help people find their way in defining what they want to do! Yup, extremely good is key here. I’d like to make sure these individuals get the quality of help they are seeking. Email me if you have folks you recommend for my go-to list.

And if you do know people who need help launching or expanding their venture and cultivating a following for their work, feel free to send them my way.