path to growing your business

Five simple ways to grow your business WITH GREATER EASE
By Carolyn Campbell, Core Source Coaching

What if we took all the drama out of creating what we loved and just did ‘it’…whatever ‘it’ is for you? How would your vision and your connections be different if you let your vision-self guide the way?

For the next hour, I invite you to dare to simply let your vision lead the way. I promise that you can assess and reformulate later. For this brief time, let it speak. You might be surprised by what it has to say.

Here is a guide to get you started. (I naturally gravitate toward seeing what is…now… and then seeing how it ties in with my deeper purpose. You might decide that looking at your goals first is more helpful to you. Great! How you do your business is your business!)

1. Take time to revisit how far you’ve come this year.

Ask yourself these 3 vital questions. I suggest writing down the answers.

What’s working?
What’s not working?
What do you want more of in your business?

Once you’ve done this, I recommend taking a break from the process. Take a walk. Go for a ride. Get into nature. In Robert Fritz’s book The Path of Least Resistance, he helps us see how powerful the creative process is. Many of us tend to rely too much on our linear, step-by-step process. Instead, he suggests that creative problem solving often works best when we let things stew rather than forcing ourselves to find an answer. When we set a specific focus and start the process of creating, our mind will look for a solution…in the background…even when we are playing, sleeping or walking.

2. does your business reflect your core purpose?

Revisit your mission statement. If you don’t have one, no problem. This is the perfect time to write one. If you’re having a great year, it will give you a guidepost for the future. If you realize that you are ‘off’ purpose, it can help you get back on track. (As an aside, it’s said that when we write our goals down, we have an 80% greater chance of achieving them. Write one now.)

3. Look forward…refine your goals.

A quick note about goals: I love them. They are simple milestones to focus one’s vision. They can and will change. They should. Some folks may be confused about what makes a ‘good’ goal. This is up to you and should be determined by what compels you to act. It might be money, number of clients, or pieces of artwork sold. It might be the number of workshops facilitated or meaningful connections made.

Write 5 specific, measurable goals.

4. Get out of your cocoon.

This is where many people lose their focus. I think this is where it gets juicy. As visioneers and pioneers, we are often on the forefront of change. Most of my clients know, deep down, what they want to do. They just get stuck when it comes to reaching out.

Brainstorm 10 people, organizations or associations that serve your clients but offer a different service. For each one, name how you might connect and, where appropriate, what you might offer.

As you look over the list, circle the ones that inspire you. Remember, the purpose of this is to Manifest with Greater Ease. You won’t be perfect. We never are. But you can be perfectly suited.

Examples for me: Therapist’s associations, Coach’s associations, Small Business Association.

5. Connect.

Take a wee bit of time, if needed, to research the organization (or individual) and find out a bit about what inspires them. Here’s the biggest secret of all: The more you know about them, the easier it is to connect! Truly, this is the most overlooked stage and it is what makes it all SOOOOO MUCH EASIER!

Make the call.

IN THE END, what’s so vital to remember is that in a down economy, it is more important than ever to connect with intention and with clarity of purpose. Because people’s nerves are a bit frayed, they are subconsciously far more aware of who is truly committed. They don’t want perfection, they want conviction.

At the heart of it all is letting your ego take a holiday and letting your vision move you forward. Trust me, it’s so much easier and more rewarding when you do.