By Carolyn Campbell, MA., CPPC

Salary negotiation is a vital step in the job search process–and so important for your future with the company. Don’t take what they offer out of desperation. Better yet, take time to consider what you want & what you’re worth. Then, take get ready to negotiate. This is a fabulous opportunity to create a great position and a strong compensation.

1. Know the industry.
Your knowledge of competitive salaries in the field can be a real advantage to you.

2. Establish rapport.
Negotiating is a fabulous chance see how your employer will interact with you when you are an employee. Regardless of the outcome, this is a chance for both of you to see how you will navigate many negotiations throughout your work together.

3. Don’t take it personally.
Allow ‘yes’, ‘no’, or something else. This is a vital aspect of negotiating. Stay in conversation!!

4. Share why you want the job AND how your abilities will benefit them.
Let them know that you want to make it work for both of you.

5. Ask for what you want…. Remember what you need.
Be clear on your must-haves, know your areas of flexibility. Remember your bottom line while being respectful. Ask them for some of the ‘roadblocks’ they might have.

6. Let there be silence.
(Breathe.. remember, you are building trust).

7. When negotiating, consider phrases like…
— Ex: I’d really love to work with you and would like to make it work for both of us.
— Ex: Can we talk about some creative ways of making this work?
— Ex: I understand your challenges, and I appreciate your willingness to consider x, y, z.

8. Allow yourself time to think about it.
I’d love to think about this, can I get back to you (state when)? Then follow through.

9. Take a moment to reiterate your excitement with the possibility.

And please remember, you will be negotiating, in various ways, throughout your employment with the company. This is a great time to find out how respectful and considerate your prospective employer will be.