Quick Tips for Getting Back into Business

By Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC

Tis true—summer is almost over. Today, driving back into to Portland from the Gorge, I could feel the wave of summer travelers reluctantly leaving behind easy times as they headed back to town. But does it have to be so black and white?

I find when my clients are intentional about business, they enjoy it more and have greater success.  Coming back from vacation can be a great opportunity to realign your business with your core values and create structures that feed you rather than deplete you.

Here are a few tips for getting back into the swing of business. As tempting as it might be to skip over steps one and two, don’t. They will make steps three and four so much easier!

1) Do let summer linger, just for a moment.  Savor the special moments. Celebrate them. You’ll find segueing back into business a lot easier. (That’s one reason why teachers often have kids tell about their summer vacations each fall.) You might even share some highlights in a letter to your clients/patients. It actually builds connection.

2) Integrate the summer relaxation into your daily life.  As you relish the moments you had, list them out. Perhaps you enjoyed having summer nights on your deck overlooking the sunset. Or maybe it was taking time to eat a leisurely meal with friends. Plan time in your schedule to incorporate more of this into your life. It’s truly amazing to watch my clients “fight” the belief that they must work, work, work. Especially once they discover that they actually do better and succeed faster when they create a more balanced schedule.

3) Revisit your goals from the spring.  Now that you’ve had time away, you can look at them with fresh eyes. Or perhaps you jotted down some ideas while you were on your vacation. Time to take out the scribbles and add some structure. (If you didn’t write them down before you went away, or if they seem uninspiring, it’s a great time to revisit them now. See #4.)

4) Set some exciting goals for yourself.  Instead of simply thinking, “I have to get back to business,” make doing business more personal and inspired. One client decided to offer a relaxing retreat for her clients in October to provide a way to maintain a balanced life. Another client decided that he wanted his business connections to be as fulfilling as his personal relationships. He started by making a list of 20 people who he’d really like to do business with.  In the process he realized he had been selling himself short by playing it safe. And he’s now finding that not only is business growing, but he’s having far more fun!

So while you relax and enjoy the rest of your summer, start paying attention and looking ahead—a little intention can go a long way toward deepening your foundation and furthering your business goals.