Beyond Marketing Toolkit

BEYOND MARKETING – The Essential Outreach Toolkit

Beyond Marketing
Finally, a hands-on outreach toolkit written specifically for social entrepreneurs, nonprofits and businesses who see a need and have the capacity and ability to fill it. Carolyn’s relationship-based approach to success focuses on building meaningful partnerships and connections to grow your venture. Beyond Marketing is packed with vital information and action steps you can start right away.

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Carolyn Campbell’s community-focused training, BEYOND MARKETING, is a wonderful resource that challenges nonprofits to rethink their marketing approach and empowers them to redirect outreach, focusing on people and community partnerships.

–Jennifer Ingham, Director of Training, TACS

I like your honest and straight forward approach. You cut through the clutter and see with clarity into human intention and motivations in the business world. I also appreciate your whole-person perspective, that who we are and what we believe will affect our outcomes in our work. From a health behavior change background, I especially appreciate your use of theory – and its application in the business world. Usually we are stealing business ideas and applying them to health.

–Rachel Fuss, Albany Cancer Resource Center

BEYOND MARKETING is the perfect tool for anyone working in the field of social change who needs to get the word out about their enterprise or project. Packed with worksheets, exercises, and insightful vignettes, this hands-on guide will help readers clarify their message, connect with their audience and plan for success.

–C.J. Hayden, Social Entrepreneur Coach, & Author of Get Clients Now

Carolyn’s work not only inspires and motivates people to do and be their best, but also serves to focus each of us on what is most important about the work we do. Her outreach guidebook, Beyond Marketing, is both user-friendly and visionary, offering non-profits, social entrepreneurs and businesses practical tools for how to work in the world with clarity of purpose and strength of vision. From goal-setting to implementing an effective outreach plan, Carolyn’s work is invaluable for those who wish to build stronger community partnerships and make a meaningful impact in the world.

–Deborah McNamara, National Outreach Coordinator, Northwest Earth Institute