Presentation Coaching

I absolutely relish helping my clients become ‘better’ speakers!

You are my PERFECT client if:

You are ready to speak with greater confidence 
You love what you do and wish you could express it more clearly
You want to engage your audience more powerfully

Your ability to effectively communicate can transform your business, and help you gain the visibility and credibility that will catapult your business into greater success. Whether you are a new speaker or a seasoned pro, my presentation coaching is customized to suit your unique needs. If you’d like to boost your confidence as a public speaker and create memorable presentations that will have immediate impact on your business success, let’s talk.

Our coaching focuses on three aspects of presentation—enhancing your presence, creating an inspiring presentation, and building authentic connections with your audience.

  • Become a more confident and effective speaker, teacher or facilitator
  • Present powerful, relevant content that inspires others
  • Create engaging connection with your audience
  • Structure your presentation to maximize your impact
  • Feel greater ease and success
  • Learn powerful ways evoke emotion and ignite action

My action-oriented public speaking coaching goes beyond behavioral techniques to unleash the full potential of your ideas, so you engage others with authority, authenticity and integrity. As you craft your talk, presentation or performance, we will focus on finding the most cohesive and engaging story, structure and language to hone your message, engage your listener and get the results you want.

My training and experience:

Over the last 30 years I have spoken to intimate groups of 10 and large groups of 1,000. But what I enjoy most is helping others find their ‘voice’ and share their wisdom. With over 30 years as a theater director, teacher and coach, I have worked with everyone from seasoned actors to newly crowned princes; top executives to young activists; and classroom teachers to conference keynote speakers.

Would you like to become a better speaker?

If you are looking to bolster your confidence and share your wisdom, drop me a note or give me a call—I’d love to hear about your speaking desires or fears. And I’m confident we can help you speak/present with greater ease and a more effective outcome.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Contact me to see how we can help you speak/present with greater impact.
To find out about my other coaching service please visit leadership coaching and business coaching. You can also find out about my own speaking presentations if you’d like me to come and present to your business or organization.


My business has taken off in ways I could not have imagined. With very little effort, but mostly a shift in awareness and attitude, I have more business than I ever have—even in a “down” economy. Carolyn is kick-butt in the nicest way. Without intimidating, her approach is practical, direct, personal—and effective!

—CW, Artist, Designer