by Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC

To find your ‘people’, you have to get out in the world. Here are some ways to get started. Commit to doing the ones that resonate with you.

1. Talk to strangers who draw your attention
2. Have lunch with people you respect
3. Go to workshops on subjects that interest you
4. Create an event that gives meaning to people—even if it’s not directly related to your business
5. Write articles and distribute them in print or on the web
6. Send a letter to people you respect…demonstrate your respect
7. Do some research and find organizations you believe in; talk to them about their work
8. Volunteer…not to get clients, but to make a difference
9. Speak at organizational meetings
10. Speak to strangers (yes, I know this came twice, but people don’t know how cool this is…even for an introvert)

If you do these things, you’ll be amazed at what comes your way.

Carolyn Campbell has more than 30 years’ experience working with non-profit and for-profit businesses. In creative and connecting ways, Carolyn melds her expertise in community outreach, education and business development to help clients expand their reach and increase their impact…using their unique approach to life. Her areas of specialty include leadership, visioning, outreach and community building.