The attached questionnaire is a great way to get important feedback on how your business is perceived by others. This information will help you identify how you can reach your ideal clientele in ways that best reflect what you offer.

I suggest asking 10-15 people– including people you’ve known professionally and personally. Most importantly, choose people who will give you honest input about how you present yourself and your work. By asking people you trust, you’ll gain greater insight into how to brand your unique approach in personable, professional style. My suggestion– choose people who will be honest, direct and are committed to see you succeed effectively and dynamically.

I find it best to interview them via phone. Let them know that it will take less than 10 minutes. Once you begin asking the questions, avoid a discussion about their input. Simply ask the questions, and if necessary ask for further clarification. Most importantly, don’t make this part of another call. If you want to have a conversation with the person about something else, call them back.

As you compile your answers, cluster the answers together. Watch for common words, phrases or even areas of confusion. If the words resonate for you, use them in your materials and your outreach. In the areas of confusion, or when people are using words that don’t fully represent what you offer,use this as an opportunity to identify areas to reframe, educate or perhaps re-clarify for yourself.

Download PDF questionnaire (291KB).