By Carolyn Campbell, MA, CPPC

Like it or not, titles can really make a difference! If your title doesn’t capture the reader’s attention, your materials won’t get read.

Don’t’ stress. Now comes the fun part. Whether you are writing an article, workshop title or press release, here are a few quick tips. I often find that people are simply trying too hard to prove their worth or validate their offering. When I start to talk to them, the titles roll off their tongues during our conversation. Interestingly, for some people the best titles are blurted out when they get frustrated. In a moment of exasperation, one client said, “I keep hearing women say that stress helps them stay thin. I want to give them the tools to be emotionally healthy and thin!”


1) The title should be short. Ideally 5 words, but no more than 8 words. If you want to define it more specifically give it a subtitle.
*** Has stress kept you thin??
The straight talk about stress and how it can destroy your health

2) Dare to create a controversy or touch a nerve.
*** The credit score game will keep you in debt! Read more to find out how.
*** Can clearing chakras eliminate cancer?
*** Bragging is not a dirty word. If you don’t speak up, no one will know you’re there.
***The ugly truth about the financial bailout—who’s profiting now?

3) Break a myth
***The Chocolate Secret. Absolute ‘must-know’ tips to savor your diet!
***You don’t have to be poor to be an artist.
5 business secrets every artist needs to do today!

4) Solve a problem or offer a solution. (this is the most common)
*** Quiet your mind with 5 easy at-home yoga poses.
*** Create a thriving green business, naturally.
*** Revamp your wardrobe for under $50.

(What’s key is to solve the problem in a do-able way)

Quite simply, a powerful title captures the reader’s attention and connects with their needs. Writing titles can be easy and even fun. Without a lot of effort you too can get in the groove of creating jazzy titles.


Go to your favorite grocery store– or check online publications. Find a few magazines you like, especially ones in your field. These magazines have spent immense hours and dollars on the art of titles. Instead of cursing your way through the maze of over-thinking, benefit from their expertise.
Write down 10 different types of titles that grab you. Then look at nationally renowned magazines. Write down 10 of their titles. Bring those titles home with you. Adapt each to suit one of your workshops, articles or press releases. Add your own pizzazz! And remember, keep it simple and capture their attention.
With a little bit of know-how and a dash of daring, you too can create dynamic titles. After all, you and your business deserve the attention!!