CoachingFor the past 16 years I have helped entrepreneurs, leaders and change makers double their business and get greater visibility and credibility. I am known for my personalized approach to ensure you are bringing your most effective and dynamic self to your business. Our work helps you get clear about what you want, build intentional relationships, and get business that is rewarding AND profitable. Most of my clients come through others who have had great success as a result of our coaching together. If you would like to find out how coaching can help you and your business (or organization), send me an email and tell me a bit about yourself. Or, feel free to do it the old-fashioned way, and give me a call

Grow Your Business
Here are a few of the top reasons people come to me. Many small business owners love what they do but lack the know-how to attract the clients they really want. Their messaging and branding is missing the ‘potent power’ of their true voice. And far too often they are spinning, stuck in the networking mill with a lot of effort and little result. 

Our coaching begins with a comprehensive assessment of you, your business and how you are perceived within your client community. We then design a program that will get you the results you are seeking. For some, more money. For others, better, more inspiring clients. For all, a successful profitable business that reflects you and your unique approach to life. 

Be a Better Leader
In this era of social media, new technologies, fierce competition and a rapidly changing workforce, leaders are facing new challenges in uncharted waters. I am honored to to help leaders navigate the new landscape and maximize their effectiveness to create powerful, positive and lasting impact within their organization.

Our coaching begins with finding out more about you, your organization and the internal and external challenges you face. Customized to meet your specific needs, we’ll design a program that quickly hones in on the core issues and provides support and resources to get you where you need to go. For some, finding better systems and better ways of communicating makes the world of difference. For others, realizing that the organization’s goals and culture do not fit their own aspirations and values is the first step in finding a great ‘new’ fit to achieve their potential and fulfill a lifelong dream.

Be a Dynamic Public Speaker & Presenter
Social media has changed the nature of public speaking, for good! As a coach, I am thrilled. We can finally say ‘goodbye’ to the old-school lecture format that focused on superficial form more than purpose. Today speakers, presenters and leaders need to build intentional connection with their audience and interact with authenticity, inspiration and expertise. For many, this can be a challenging thing to do.

Drawing on my years as a director and playwright, our coaching helps you design your presentation (or interactive engagement) so that your presence shines, showing your passion and expertise for your topic. I believe that people know how to communicate in naturally effective ways. Coaching simply helps you bring your full self and your full body of knowledge to whatever group you are speaking to.

I look forward to hearing from you!



Carolyn’s style of coaching was truly what I needed. She allowed me the freedom to move into spaces in my life that I had been uncomfortable before. She provided a safe environment to explore my internal views on business, and assisted me in uncovering my negative beliefs about my own success. Within three months I had opened my own private practice office.

—CR, Therapist