What Clients Say


Working with Carolyn has been refreshing and enlightening. She is serious about her business and the business of helping others be successful but does it in such a welcoming way. I’m always asking for improvement suggestions from participants. They continually pronounce, ‘keep Carolyn on your schedule.’

Tonisha A. Toler, Regional Arts and Culture Council

Carolyn is a dynamic presenter and facilitator who really gets to the heart of a topic. She is insightful, creative, and utterly captivating. She has an almost magical way of helping you to clear the fog and communicate your organization’s vision from a fresh perspective that engages community and volunteers.

Christy Scattarella, Executive Director, The Shadow Project

What’s great about Carolyn is that she provides a wealth of information in a simple, fun style. She is able to sense what people need and shift gears seamlessly to meet them where they are—all the while pushing them to become the best they can be.

KL, Bank Manager

Carolyn has a uniquely engaging way of inspiring workshop participants to challenge how they engage others in the work they do. She will turn your approach to ‘public speaking’ 180 degrees…getting you to focus not on what you want to say, but how you want to inspire and what impact you want to have. Her approach takes the fear out of public speaking, and makes it natural storytelling. Carolyn’s workshops have been so inspiring, we have engaged her in coaching our staff!

Megan Smith, Director, Resource Assistance for Rural Environments

Carolyn’s work with Hands On Greater Portland has been transformational. She challenged us to question assumptions about who we are and what we do and has helped set us off in a clearer and more purposeful direction.

Andy Nelson, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters (formerly Executive Director of Hands On Greater Portland)


C arolyn coached us through a transition we knew needed to occur but felt emotional blocks manifesting. With her no nonsense approach and concrete homework assignments we are now well on our way to manifesting these beautiful inspirations! Thank you Carolyn.

Beth Yohalem & Justin Insley, Mississippi Health Center

To expand our international Chai business I wanted a coach who would challenge my old ways of thinking, and acting and help me to infuse my business branding and connections with more of me. Carolyn compelled me to take a clear stand for what I represent and provided tools and insight to make powerful business changes. The result: I’m enjoying my business more than I have in a long time, and my business is growing in some exciting new ways.

Juanita Crampton, Co-founder & Owner, Sattwa Chai

Carolyn, I remember our first phone call when you asked me what I wanted for my private practice. At one point you said, ‘You should be on the radio.’ I froze. It was like you could read my mind. In addition to working with clients, I’ve always wanted to reach a wider audience on television some day. A month later, KOIN 6 called and wanted to interview me for a segment. You were right there! You helped me prepare my important ‘talking points’, present with greater confidence, and relax. That one interview really made a difference for me! I’m now KOIN’s ‘Keep It Local’ relationship coach. I’m on the show every week! Thank you!

Julie Jeske, Therapist/Coach

Carolyn’s business, CoreSource, is so appropriately named because she goes to the core, foundational elements of what makes business work well. Since enrolled in her workshop, my business has taken off in ways I could not have imagined. With very little effort, but mostly a shift in awareness and attitude, I have more business than I ever have — even in a “down” economy.

Charlie White, Artist (www.charliewhitestudio.com)

After my initial consultation, I knew Carolyn was the right coach for me. I wanted her to help me make changes in my business that would make it more financially viable and engaging for me. What I didn’t know was how much I would grow personally. I just returned home from a short trip to see some of my customers. My own enthusiasm created more income than I’ve ever made on a single trip in seven years of being in business. It’s not just the money. I feel that my company is strong because I feel strong. My customers really liked what they saw. Was it my new line? Or was it me?

MN, Business Owner