Business Coaching

It pains me to watch people spinning their wheels running around trying to ‘make’ business. Instead, I offer a relational, intentional, thoughtful approach to getting all the business you want! 

What’s my secret?  Get more by selling less.  (Yes, it’s true!)

If you want more ‘ideal’ clients who are seeking what you do…
If you want to create powerful connections that honor you and your work …
If you are ready to step up, and be more successful by being more ‘you’…

I help seasoned business owners elevate their success by designing their business and outreach to suit their unique approach to life. By coupling strategic planning with personalized, relationship-based outreach, we’ll help you get all the clients you want without running yourself ragged in the marketing mill!

My collaborative, strategic coaching can help you:

  • Create a vision that honors your passions
  • Develop key leadership and marketing skills
  • Build powerful and effective partnerships
  • Learn the experts’ secrets to attract great clients
  • Overcome outdated beliefs about the ‘right way’ to get business
  • Speak and present with greater confidence and ease

Since 1999, I have been coaching clients like these:

A financial planner who wanted to create work that feeds her soul and gives back to the community. She is now an award-winning financial leader known for her community education and her unique approach to community-based business.

A Feldenkrais practitioner who wanted to clarify her message, strengthen her confidence, expand her work, and present with greater ease. She now facilitates workshops internationally, has been an invited guest on the radio, and was invited to co-author a book for women.

A chiropractor who wanted to branch out on her own to help women and start his own practice. Within a year his practice was thriving and he is now considered one of the most respected doctors in his area of expertise.

A teacher turned activist who wanted to gain more confidence as a public speaker who would inspire change rather than ‘sell’ and program. Within a few short sessions her presentations had transformed and she is now a sought-after speaker.

A business owner who wanted to sell his business but was swamped in the day-to-day demands of his job. Within a year he had doubled the net worth of his business and sold it with surprising ease.

What’s your vision?

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your business, check out my About page or go ahead and contact me. We can work in person, by phone, email, or Skype, depending on your location and needs. I offer ongoing coaching and intensive strategy sessions. For team coaching, workshops, or strategic planning sessions, I can travel to your location. Please contact me to find out more, and tell me a bit about you, your venture and your dreams.

I look forward to hearing from you!




Contact me to create an enriching, profitable business. If you would like to be a stronger speaker, facilitator or leader, check out my  Presentation Coaching or Leadership Coaching programs.


Thanks so much, Carolyn! Meeting people and making connections has been going gangbusters. And I am really enjoying it. I feel like I’m cheating, because it’s so much fun and so little work.

—J.S., Attorney