Quirky Quotes

Quirky Quotes: Insight and Action to Succeed at What You Love

An interactive approach to do what you love, and love what you do…successfully.

From visioning to business building, Quirky Quotes offers inspiration, humor and effective actions you can take today. Created for social entrepreneurs, soul-centered businesses and creative professionals, Quirky Quotes provides a way to move your venture forward…your style, your way.

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Beyond Marketing

BEYOND MARKETING-The Essential Outreach Guide Book

Finally, a hands-on outreach tool-kit written specifically for social entrepreneurs, non-profits and businesses who see a need and have the capacity and ability to fill it. Carolyn’s relationship-based approach to success focuses on building meaningful partnerships and connections to grow your venture. BEYOND MARKETING is packed with vital information and action steps you can start right away.

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Changes Along the Path


Take this journey and learn from life stories about navigating the changes along the path to transform stumbling blocks into stepping stones. My own story, Letting Vision Speak–Dare To Be Seen and Heard, explores the stages we go through as we own our vision and transform our life.

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