By Carolyn Campbell, MA., CPPC

Now that you’ve been asked in for an interview, take some time to consider these questions. They will help you align your passions and interest with the company’s needs. More importantly, it will provide you an opportunity to solidify your intentions so that you can relax and connect.


1. What is your career desire/objective?

2. What is your criteria for a ‘good fit’?

Write your 5 ‘must haves’:

Write your 5 ‘will not accept’:

And now, your ‘maybes’:

3. What do you really respect and appreciate about the company?
Be succinct.

4. What would you like to know more about?
It is important to be curious about them. Examples of questions might include where they would like to be in 5 years, or how they see this position impacting the success of the company.

5. In what ways are you a good fit?
Align your goals and abilities to their needs.

6. What 2-3 stories can you share to demonstrate your strengths?

7. Prepare a few examples that demonstrate how you’ve overcome (or learned from) a perceived weakness or challenge.

8. And, oh yes, you might want to practice your handshake.

Finally, just breathe. Now that you’ve done your personal preparation, just remember— the interview is about creating a relationship with another person. You’re both there to see if you share a similar vision and common approach to getting there.