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Welcome to a personalized approach to growing your business or organization, and attracting the right kind of clients, strategic partners, and business opportunities. As an international business and leadership coach and speaker, I have a diverse clientele that includes doctors, lawyers, artists, business owners, and civic leaders. Some are internationally renowned visionaries and world-class presenters. Others are in the start-up phase, seeking greater visibility and credibility. What they have in common is a commitment to grow their vision and become more profitable in their chosen endeavors.

If you are a business owner, change maker or leader on the cusp of growth or change, here’s a sampling of how my business and leadership coaching can help you:

    • Become a stronger leader
    • Clarify your vision
    • Make a plan that inspires you to act
    • Become a more confident, effective presenter
    • Build powerful partnerships
    • Create success that feeds you personally and professionally

I am fortunate to work with some of the most inspiring people I know. To learn how I might help you, give me a call at 503.493.1114 or send me an email. Many local coaching and consulting clients enjoy coming to my garden studio, located in Portland, Oregon. I also work via phone and web for clients located out of state or in other parts of the world. As for my speaking, I’m thrilled to travel to glorious places around the globe.

I look forward to partnering with you.


Working with Carolyn has been a most fulfilling, life-defining experience. Carolyn helped me run my unique business better (less hours, more income!). But more importantly, I’m evolving as an entrepreneur in the most soul-enriching ways. As I recognize my core passions and values, I am not only manifesting them in my current work, but they are also guiding me to create space for more rewarding work yet to come. She asks tough questions, sees and hear my true self in my responses, and she holds me accountable to living those truths. Working with Carolyn has not only changed my business, it has changed me.

—Kara DeGiovanni, Director,